Rick Springfield at The Northern Lights Theater

ent-rick-springfield.jpgThe Milwaukee favorite returns this week May 18–21 to perform in The Northern Lights Theater for his seventh year in a row.

Nearly 30 years ago, Springfield  launched to the top of the Billboard charts with the smash hit, "Jessie's Girl." Fans everywhere couldn't stop singing the catchy tune, hoping and dreaming that they could be Jessie's Girl. Fast forward a few decades and thing's haven't changed much. Springfield—and the song—still has a cult-like following. He's still performing, he's still selling records and, of course, he still makes the ladies go crazy!

He's taking the stage for four nights in a row. But, don't expect the same performance each evening. For the second time in The Northern Lights Theater, Rick will be switching things up for each night's show.

On May 18, you'll get to watch a high-energy electric set, the next day it'll be all requests—half of the show being acoustic and the remaining half being electric. On May 20, he'll perform his entire Venus in Overdrive album, and on the last night it's going to be a totally different full electric set.

Get tickets for the one that sounds best to you—or, heck, get tickets for all four nights!

Tickets are on sale now for $65 or $50.

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Posted by Nuria on
Can't wait! Attending all four nights. Looking forward to the all request night the most! Started our trip at 6pm tonight. We'll roll into Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon. See everyone there!
Posted by Jackie on
YESSS!!!! My cousin and I make this an annual event. This year we are looking forward to the book siging Friday afternoon, then the show Friday night. We will continue our Ricktastic weekend by attending the charity ball game on Saturday and following that up with the concert Saturday night. Can you think of a better way to spend the weekend? Rick ROCKS and Rick Chicks RULE! :-)
Posted by Sharla on
I've heard such wonderful things about this venue and these shows. It's no secret that this annual event is a MUST SEE and I look forward to dipping my toe in that pool this year! Bring it on!!
Posted by Jamie on
can't wait for tonight! I've been practicing "I Get Excited" just in case! :)
Posted by Debbie on
I can't wait until Saturday!!! This will be my first time seeing Rick in Milwaukee. The dates are usually around my son's birthday so I'm very happy that they were changed this year. It's going to be an amazing time. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends, watching Rick play softball and, of course, seeing Rick perform!!
Posted by Belva on
What an amazing experience this has been for me - my 1st soundcheck-- what a fabulous down to earth bunch of guys - RIck & his crew are-- & the sweet Rick Chicks I have been honored to meet -it's all like a dream come true for me--Rick's superb concert performance -- can't even put it into words - if you miss this -- you miss ALOT!! can't wait for rest of this wonderful experience to unfold---ROCK on RIck!!! =))
Posted by Sarah on
Last night was amazing!! I have been coming to see Rick here since 2003. Never ever dissapointed. He was so energetic! Lots of smiles and truly having a great time. The band was awesome as usual also. I met some great people last night and now have next year to look forward too.

Thanks RIck!!
Posted by Renee on
My husband and I come back every year! Love the shows! He doesn't like me to be alone at the concert! LOL Can't wait Friday!
Posted by Traci on
The show was GREAT last night! And I LOVE the new look inside the theater!! the seating is so much nicer than last year! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!
Posted by Kim on
Rick Please play the Barbara B.Mann Performing Arts Hall in Ft. Myers ,Fl. It's a small venue.
Posted by thyra on
Does anyone know where he's playing the charity softball game? Can i still get tix?
Posted by Potawatomi Bingo Casino on
Thank you, Thyra, for the comment! The softball game will be free to anyone who would like to attend. Rick has asked for those attending to make donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society who will be on site at the game. For more information, please visit http://rickspringfield.com/.
Posted by RobinPickles on
Sadly I can't make it this year, but my friends are there. Sure wish you folks would live stream your ANNUAL Rick event on USTREAM or some other similar accessible website. I think there are lots of fans who would love to be there even if only online to join in the fun. If we were anywhere nearby, you KNOW we'd be there! Could even LIVE STREAM the softball game to help raise money for the Animals! =)
Posted by Potawatomi Bingo Casino on
Sorry to hear you can't make it, Robin. Since the softball game is being run by Rick and his crew, we will pass along this suggestion to them. We will also keep it in mind for next year!
Posted by Duke on
I think I'm the only guy that goes to the Milwaukee concerts alone every year. Rick always puts on a great show. Last year I got interviewed for his fan video and they did actually use a clip for the website. I've seen him play over 75 times and he's always entertained me. Plus the crowd is 90% women, what's not to like?
Posted by Dawn on
Can only make 1 show this year and Wednesday was it. Thanks Rick and crew for such a great show!!
Posted by Samantha on
Duke - It's a feature documentary called "AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART." It's way more than a "fan video". The team behind the film are consummate professionals. I've been following them for a year now. Gotta love independent filmmakers for their passion and drive. They are starting with a few Film Festival screenings this Fall. Lucky you for making it into the trailer. Just so everyone knows, you can find out more at: www.facebook.com/yellowrickroad and www.rickspringfielddoc.com. I'm a VIP Virtual Crew member and have loved watching it all come to life.
Posted by Linda on
Thank you, thank you, thank for the live webcast! I'm stuck in St. Louis recovering from knee surgery and couldn't be there in person. Tonight's show was the one I was most bummed about missing, so I'm so excited I got to see it afterall. Loved hearing 3 Warning Shots & God Blinked - Awesome!

Thanks again. Loved it!
Posted by RobinPickles on
I don't know how you got it done, but you sure did! Fantastic job, and what a wonderful broadcast of the show!

thank you thank you thank you!

Posted by Kim on
Last nights show was great! Venus in Overdrive!! I loved it!! Lot's of energy!!!
Posted by Jenny on
I went to Rick's show Wednesday May 18th. I had waited 26 years to see him in concert. It was sooo worth the wait. Rick sounded, looked, & performed top notch! What made this concert priceless, was when Rick came out into the audience and came over to my section, (rowG3) and held my hand!! My "dream" came true. I would have loved to come to all 4 shows sadly these days I was not able to afford it. The next time I would love to be able to "meet and greet" Rick.
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