Congratulations to the Chinese New Year Winners!

On February 10, guests had the chance to participate in the Chinese New Year promotion. Eight lucky guests were chosen at each drawing time and won $888 in FKC Reward Play and 88 free entries into the finale drawing. Todd B. won the grand prize of $8,888 in cash! Congratulations to all the winners listed below. All winners have been contacted and have claimed their prize.

Rosa B.
Daniel B.
Cathleen B.
Lisa B.
Gankhuyag B.
Linda B.
Willie B.
Cathy C.
Scott C.
Robert C.
Kenneth C.
Sandra C.
Lillian D.
Mario D.
Joan D.
Irma D.
Salvatore F.
Jeffrey F.
Geneva G.

Susan K.
David K.
Randolph K.
Pamela K.
Kathleen L.
Michael L.
Brian L.
Walter M.
Jacalyn M.
Elaine M.
Mark M.
Dale P.
Venus Maria P.
Gregory R.
Marsha R.
Shelly S.
Detra S.
Marcine S.
Dennis S.
Curtis S.