Help Raise $1 million for Children in Southeastern Wisconsin


Written by Lisa Kline
It has given children in our community food, shelter and clothing. It has provided them health services when they might have otherwise gone without. It has allowed for after-school activities and educational enrichment programs. And, most of all, it has helped children realize they are loved, valued and have a promising future ahead of them.

Miracle on Canal Street. For 19 years it has been Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s signature community program. It’s a program with strong roots in tribal beliefs that focus on nurturing and caring for our youth so they can grow up to lead healthy and productive lives.

The Beginnings of a Miracle

It all started in 1994 as an 18-day event where guests could play special bingo games to help raise money for children’s charities. In that first year, we raised $107,000. Over the years, the program has grown and flourished to what it is today. Since its inception, Miracle on Canal Street has raised more than $11.5 million, helping over 375 local children’s charities.

We are excited to kick off another year of fundraising and hope to reach our goal of $1 million dollars. But, we can’t do it alone—we need your help.

How You Can Help

Reaching a goal of $1 million may seem daunting, but if we work together, it is definitely attainable. We’ve done it before and know we can do it again with your help. And, it is so easy to help, too!

Every bingo session now through December 13 offers a special Miracle bingo game for just $3. Simply ask for the Miracle charity game when buying into a bingo session. Or, you can purchase the special game from a bingo clerk on the bingo floor. Each time you play this game, half of the funds go to Miracle on Canal Street and the other half goes to a bingo awards prize pool.

In addition to playing the special Miracle bingo game, any guest can also show their support by making a cash donation. To do this, guests can visit Sweet Grass Gift Shop located on the third floor of the Casino and state that you want to help make Miracles happen. 

The Charities

The money raised this year will be split among 30 different charities. We have 10 signature charities that have already been chosen, and the additional 20 charities will be determined by a random drawing on December 14—Miracle Bingo Night. At this event, we will also reveal the grand total raised for the 2012 Miracle Bingo season.

The generosity of our loyal guests is the reason Miracle on Canal Street is so successful. For 19 years, your kindness has helped touch the lives of thousands of children in our area—giving them the gift of a promising future. We hope that you will help us reach that $1 million mark this year. With your help, we know anything is possible. We sincerely thank you for making a difference in our community through Miracle on Canal Street.

Check out the bingo calendar to plan your next trip to Potawatomi Bingo Casino. Will you help give the gift of a promising future?