Matt Baier Named Chef at Dream Dance Steak

MILWAUKEE – Matt Baier has been named Chef at Dream Dance Steak, Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s four-star, four-diamond restaurant.

A veteran of the Dream Dance Steak kitchen, Baier has helped strengthen the restaurant’s impeccable reputation since joining the team in 2005.

Prior to overseeing the kitchen at Dream Dance Steak, Baier served as the restaurant’s lead chef and sous chef. He also gained experience in the art of Asian cooking while serving as lead chef at RuYi, Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s full-service Asian restaurant.

“We're thrilled when talented team members like Matt develop and advance within our organization,” said Laurette Pettibone, Assistant General Manager of Marketing and Hospitality. “I’m confident Matt will help provide all of our guests at Dream Dance Steak a superb dining experience.”

His enthusiasm and appreciation for the integrity of ingredients was solidified during his time at Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon, where he earned an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. Baier describes his culinary style as simple but refined, placing his focus on the quality of ingredients and techniques used to develop and execute his dishes. That style can be seen in dishes featured on his debut menu – like Foie Gras served with duck bacon, cranberry port jam and cauliflower puree; and Pan-Seared Arctic Char with blood orange butter sauce, pomegranate seeds, grilled radicchio and brown rice.

“It’s a goal realized to oversee a kitchen at a restaurant of this caliber,” Baier said. “I look forward to holding up the great reputation Dream Dance Steak has garnered over the years.”

For more information about Dream Dance Steak, or to make reservations, call (414) 847-7883 or visit

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