Sixth-Annual Hunting Moon (Gi Wse Gises) Pow Wow

MILWAUKEE - Guests will experience a centuries-long Native American tradition when the sixth-annual Hunting Moon (Gi Wse Gises) Pow Wow takes place October 22-24 at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, 1721 W. Canal St., Milwaukee.

Almost 350 dancers and more than 20 drum groups from throughout the United States are expected to perform at this year’s event. Prize money to be awarded totals more than $90,000.

The Pow wow draws families together and allows friends to dance and celebrate with one another. Every age group—from the very young to the elderlyis welcome to share songs and dances. Pow wows are social eventsmany celebrating the harvest or change of seasonsand provide a time to show reverence for Mother Earth. Attendees will witness an event steeped in tradition, full of color and sound and featuring some of the finest Native American dancers and singers.

Like other celebrations, Pow wows also feature Native American foods and handmade crafts.

“The Hunting Moon Pow Wow is a celebration we’re so happy to host at the Casino,” Potawatomi Bingo Casino General Manager Mike Goodrich said.  “We are always pleased to share our Native American heritage and traditions with those that visit.”

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