Take a Trip with the New York Gold Progressive

Dream Dance Steak restaurantblog-ny-gold-slot.jpg

Do you ever find yourself meandering through the Casino looking for an exciting new game to give a spin? Here's one to try on your next visit—the New York Gold Progressive. This 2¢ machine is easy to locate—it's between the Dream Dance Steak restaurant and the High-Limit Room, by the bright multi-colored flames on the wall.

NYGold_machine.jpgIt features a red siren and blue siren symbol that contain various multipliers—1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x. These multipliers increase every six games played. So, if you don't have a win for one of these symbols after playing six games, it will increase to the next multiplier. When you reach the 10x multiplier, it will stay at that amount until there's a win with that symbol.

The wins that happen with these symbols are pre-multiplied by the multiplier that occurs. Once you have a win with one of the multipliers, it resets at 1x. Give this exciting game a try on your next visit.

Have you given this game a spin? If so, what were your thoughts?