Travel Trends & Etiquette in 2022

Travel Trends & Etiquette in 2022

Summer is here and that means one thing is on our minds: travel.

Over the past two years, many Americans have opted to stay closer to home and avoid domestic and international air travel. Camping trips, road trips, and staycations have grown in popularity - but domestic and international travel are returning to normal in 2022.

We wanted to know what kind of trips Americans are planning this year, as well as the proper etiquette when it comes to hotels and vacation rentals, air travel, customer service, and more. We wanted to know if these factors into their decisions when planning and booking a vacation.

Are Americans Planning to Travel in 2022?


Almost three-quarters (72%) of Americans are planning to or have already gone on vacation this year. 62% say they will take a trip during the summer.

The most popular type of vacations they will go on are domestic trips (48%), weekend trips (42%), road trips (39%), and staycations (23%). It seems that the effects of the pandemic on travel may be lingering and Americans could be nervous to venture overseas. Only 14% plan to travel internationally, and a small 4% plan to go on a cruise.

When it comes to why Americans want to travel, the top reason is to relax and rejuvenate. The other top reasons people want to travel are for a break from school or work, to see family, because they love to travel, and to see friends. 1 in 4 haven’t traveled much over the past two years and feel ready to travel again.

Travel and Inflation


Inflation has impacted the price of just about everything, including flights, food, and gas. We wanted to know if this will deter Americans from traveling this year. 24% have actually postponed travel due to inflation, and 15% have canceled travel plans.

23% have changed travel plans, found a new destination, changed their travel dates, shortened their vacation, or stayed in cheaper accommodation because of inflation.

Travel and Accommodation


Once you have a destination in mind, the next step to planning your exciting getaway is to choose your accommodation. 3 in 4 usually stay in a hotel, 38% usually stay in a vacation rental, and 25% usually stay with a friend.

Not surprisingly, nearly half (46%) of Americans' favorite type of accommodation to stay at is a hotel. 1 in 5 prefer a vacation rental, and almost 1 in 10 (9%) love resorts the most. The top things travelers value in accommodation are cleanliness, safety, and quality.

Travel Safety


Safety is a major factor when it comes to deciding where to travel and where to stay. 72% feel safe traveling alone. 91% of men feel safe traveling alone, compared to only 54% of women.

When it comes to the safest type of accommodation, 52% believe hotels are the most safe, versus 7% who say vacation rentals, and 41% who say they’re both equally safe.

Travel Etiquette Opinions

 There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to etiquette while traveling – even if some believe there should be. We wanted to know what Americans think about travel etiquette, and if it impacts their trip planning.


With the pandemic limiting how much some have traveled over the past few years, 45% think people are less self-aware and ruder now than before 2020. Additionally, 2 in 3 people say they will continue to wear masks on flights.

This year is looking to be a return to regular travel for most Americans. While some plans may be changed or canceled due to high prices, many have the travel bug and still plan to go on vacation in the next few months.


In May 2022, we surveyed 1,008 Americans to ask about their travel plans and opinions. Respondents were 49% female, 49% male, and 2% transgender/non-binary. The age range was 18 to 84, with an average age of 39 years old.

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