With over six million visitors each year and close to 3,000 employees, Potawatomi’s Accounting Department is crucial in helping to manage all sides of the Entertainment Destination business. If you’re a numbers person, check out our job postings in this area.


Analytical. Smart. Dedicated. If this describes you, a career in our Internal Audit or Compliance Department may be just the thing. Following the rules of a game as complex as the casino industry takes diligence and intelligence, and with you on-board, we’ll keep playing to win.

The Cage

What’s “The Cage,” you might ask? It’s like a teller window at a bank—the casino’s bank! Potawatomi Cage Department cashiers, vault and drop team members are crucial to the entire casino operation, ensuring that guests get paid out and that the casino’s banks are balanced.

Customer Experience Team

Our guests are the most important part of our business, so providing the best possible customer service and overall experience is key! If you enjoy working with people and provide outstanding guest service, check out Potawatomi’s Guest Relations, Call Center and Player Development positions.


Potawatomi is home to over one-million square feet of gaming, hotel and parking spaces that need to be cleaned and maintained round-the-clock. If pristine environments are your thing, we want YOU on our Environmental Services or Housekeeping team! Now hiring for a variety of positions.

Facilities & Safety

Are you an electrician, HVAC technician, carpenter, landscaper or risk & safety specialist? Think outside the box see what Potawatomi has to offer. Our skilled trades work alongside other casino positions in our bustling, massive property, all while ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Food & Beverage

From serving guests at one of our restaurants, bars or special events, to planning menus and helping kitchens run smoothly, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s talented Food & Beverage team is an essential part of our property. We’re hiring talented team members for both front- and back-of-house positions.


150,000 square feet of gaming space requires a large staff to keep guests entertained and ensure that games run smoothly, round-the-clock. Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is always looking to hire and train sharp-minded, energetic individuals for our Table Games, Bingo, Slots, Poker and Off-Track Betting teams. If you like to play, we’ve got the game/job for you!

Human Resources

Human Resources is all about people. Since our business depends on the happiness of everyone who visits our property—and with nearly 3,000 team members on-staff—our HR Department is an essential part of the success of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.


Today’s modern casino requires a sharp team of technology professionals of all levels. Keeping our essential systems up and running around the clock means we rely on the expert team members in our Information Technology and Audio Visual Departments.


Creative, energetic, talented people with a great team spirit work in our Marketing Department. They are the creators and keepers of the look and feel of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s public image. If you’re a designer, copywriter, PR professional, or marketing whiz, we’re looking for you.

Materials Management

Help supply Potawatomi Hotel & Casino guests and team members with all the materials they need to enjoy or provide an incredible entertainment experience! Check out some of our available positions in Purchasing, Wardrobe and Warehouse.

Sales & Hotel

Taking great care of our guests and making sure they have an enjoyable experience are the top concerns of our Sales & Catering, Hotel Operations and Retail teams. From hotel concierge to retail team member, your efforts will go a long way towards making our guest’s experience memorable.


As the first line of safety and often the first smiling face, our security officers are essential in ensuring the wellbeing of every person and all property at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. Our well-trained Security Department is always looking for a few eagle-eyed peacekeepers with personality.


Outstanding valet and shuttle service makes a huge impact on how our guests view their overall experience. Our Valet team members work in exciting, rewarding positions as the first and last point of contact for a guest’s great time.

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