Add Potawatomi hotel & casino to your Address Book

For instructions on how to add Potawatomi Hotel & Casino to your e-mail address book, look for your e-mail provider listed below. Do not reply to the email address listed below.

Outlook/Outlook Express
Go to "File"
Scroll to "New" and a pop-up box will appear
Scroll to "Contact" and a new contact box will appear
In the Company field type in "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino"
In the e-mail field, type in:
Then click the "Send/Receive" button to Synchronize

Click the "CONTACT" tab on the top left
Click "NEW CONTACT" located on the blue bar right below your e-mail address
Once the "NEW CONTACT" is open (displayed), the curser will be blinking on the nickname box
Type "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino"
Click in the e-mail address section where you will have 3 spaces for e-mail addresses:
Type in one of the spaces
Click "SAVE"

Click on the Address tab on next to e-mail
Enter "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino" as first name and as e-mail address
Click "Save and Add another"

Click on the "Contacts" link on the left
Click on the "Add Contact" link on the upper right
Enter "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino" for the name and as the primary e-mail
Click "Save"

From the AOL interface:
From the menu options on the top, click "MAIL"
Select the "ADD" option
Enter the name as "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino" and e-mail address ""
Once you have entered the information, click "SAVE"

From MS Internet Explorer:
Login to your AOL account through Internet Explorer
Click the ADDRESS BOOK icon on the top right
Enter the information required in the fields:
Nickname, first and last name: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
E-mail Address:
Click "SAVE"

Click the "ADDRESS BOOK" Tab
Type the Nickname "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino"
Type The e-mail Address:
Click "SAVE"

Click the "Address Book" button
Select "Contact" in the drop down box and then click "Add"
Type in the following information in the corresponding fields:
Display Name: "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino"
Nickname: "Potawatomi Hotel & Casino"
Click the "Save" button