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Steamed Pork Buns, Chinese BBQ pork  $6

Fresh Spring Rolls, soft rice paper, shrimp, romaine lettuce, carrot, rice noodles, mint, basil and cilantro  $8

Tempura Vegetable, Japanese eggplant, kabocha, asparagus and onion  $10

Edamame, steamed soy beans tossed with sea salt  $8

Chicken Lettuce Wrap, fried rice vermicelli noodles, shittake, carrot, bell pepper and onion  $9

Potstickers, steamed or pan-fried ground pork dumplings  $8

Thai Spicy Wings, fried and tossed with garlic, basil, sesame and house chili  $10 spicy.png

Fried Spring Rolls,  crispy rolls with cabbage, carrot, celery, bean thread vermicelli noodles, peanut butter and sesame  $6

Crab Rangoon, fried wontons filled with crab meat, cream cheese and green onion  $8

RuYi Platter, fresh spring rolls, crispy fried spring rolls, potstickers, edamame and crab rangoon  $18


Wonton Soup, pork- and shrimp-filled wonton dumplings and bok choy  $4 cup • $8 bowl

Hot and Sour Soup, pork, black mushroom, egg, bamboo shoot, carrot, onion and tofu  $4 cup • $8 bowl spicy.png

Egg Drop Soup, topped with fried wontons  $4 cup • $8 bowl

Miso Soup, Bonito stock, tofu and kelp  $4 cup • $8 bowl


Spicy Beef, flank steak, romaine lettuce, field greens, cucumber, tomato, carrot, red bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, red onion and peanuts, with Thai chili sauce  $13 spicy.png

Chicken and Cashews, breaded chicken, romaine lettuce, field greens, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, tomato, onion and fried rice vermicelli noodles, with sweet soy ginger vinaigrette  $12 • Add avocado  $2

Bun Thit Nuong, noodles, peanuts, lettuce, carrot, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, bean sprouts, herbs, shrimp and pork  $15 spicy.png

House, romaine lettuce, field greens, cucumber, carrot, tomato and bell pepper, with sweet soy ginger vinaigrette  $7

Soup Noodles

Roast Duck, Cantonese egg noodles, roast duck, bok choy, scallion and cilantro  $16

Tom Yum, vermicelli rice noodles, cucumber, onion, cilantro, basil and bell pepper with beef or chicken  $14 • shrimp or beef & shrimp  $16 spicy.png

Seafood Udon, shrimp, scallop, squid, fish cake, shitake, scallion, bell pepper and zucchini  $16 

Korean Spicy, egg noodles, bok choy, cucumber, carrot, onion and cilantro with beef  $15 • shrimp  $16 spicy.png

Pho, rice stick noodles, bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, pepper, onion and lime with beef and meatballs  $13 • beef, meatballs and tripe  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16

Wok Noodles

Udon, shitake mushroom, bell pepper, zucchini, onion, and bean sprouts with chicken, beef or vegetables  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16

Chow Fun, fresh rice noodles, ginger, garlic, onion and bean sprouts with chicken, beef or vegetables  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16

Korean Spicy, egg noodles, bok choy, broccoli, carrot, bell pepper, onion, bean sprouts and sesame seeds with chicken, beef or vegetables  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16 spicy.png

Pan Fried, crispy egg noodles, bok choy, baby corn, bell pepper, bean sprouts and mushroom with chicken, beef or vegetables  $15 • shrimp or seafood  $17

Cantonese Trio, thin egg noodles, chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork, bok choy, bean sprouts, bell pepper and onion  $18

Pad Thai, rice stick noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, bell pepper, onion, egg and peanuts with chicken, beef or vegetables 
$14 • shrimp or seafood  $16 spicy.png

Singapore, rice vermicelli noodles, egg, bean sprouts, onion, bell pepper and yellow curry with BBQ pork, chicken or beef  $14 • BBQ pork and shrimp  $16 • shrimp or seafood  $16

Lo Mein, egg noodles, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, bok choy and bean sprouts with chicken, beef or vegetables  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16

Vegetable Sides

Fried Tofu and Bok Choy, garlic ginger sesame soy sauce  $10

Wok Vegetables, bok choy, carrot, broccoli, garlic, fried tofu, bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini and water chestnuts  $10

Japanese Eggplant, lightly fried and tossed in spicy sweet soy sauce with sesame seed  $10 spicy.png

Milwaukee's Favorites

Orange Beef or Chicken, spicy orange sauce with sesame seeds and crispy chicken or beef  $15 spicy.png

Cashew Stir Fry, celery, water chestnuts, mushroom, onion and bok choy with chicken or beef  $14 • shrimp  $16

Kung Pao, bell pepper, onion, chili and peanuts with chicken or beef  $14 • shrimp  $16 spicy.png

Broccoli Stir Fry, cantonese sauce with chicken or beef  $14 • shrimp  $16

Teriyaki Chicken, marinated chicken thigh, bell pepper and onion with sesame seed  $13

General Tso's Chicken, deep-fried chicken thigh, bell pepper and onion with General Tso sauce  $15 spicy.png

Sweet and Sour, bell pepper, onion and pineapple with chicken  $14 • shrimp  $16

Fried Rice, BBQ pork, chicken, beef or vegetables  $13 • Teriyaki Chicken  $14 • shrimp or seafood  $16

House Specialties

Peking Roast Duck*, traditional Beijing dish from with plum sauce and choice of pancakes or rice
Whole Duck  $48 • Half Duck  $35 (limited daily availability)

Moo Shu Pork, pork loin, shredded cabbage, carrot, bamboo shoots, black mushroom, green onion and eggs, with pancakes  $15

Steamed Seasonal Fish*, topped with sesame wine soy sauce and herbs   market price (limited daily availability)

Wok-Fried Seasonal Fish*, black mushroom, onion and bell pepper, with spicy Thai basil sauce  market price (limited daily availability) spicy.png

*Duck and fish dishes must be ordered at least one half-hour before restaurant closes.

House Signature Dishes

Bulgogi, marinated boneless beef short ribs in a sweet soy sauce with sesame seed  $17

Spicy Salt & Pepper, chili, onion, garlic and bell pepper with crispy breaded chicken  $14 • crispy shrimp  $16 spicy.png

Gang Dang, red curry, coconut cream, red pepper, red onion, green onion, basil and bamboo with chicken or beef  
$14 • shrimp  $16 spicy.png

Volcano Chicken, crispy breaded chicken tenders with spicy coconut curry sauce  $15 spicy.png

Homemade Desserts

Pineapple Passion Cake, vanilla layered cake with pineapple filling and passion-mango gelee  $7

Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse Cake, with fresh fruits and raspberry sauce  $7

Fried Vanilla Ice Cream, with pound cake and tempura  $7

Chinese Almond Cookie  $1 each • 5 for $4


spicy.png Denotes spicy dishes.