Lunar New Year Celebration


January 24–February 2

In Chinese culture, the rat symbolizes great intelligence and building wealth. This Lunar New Year, we’re ushering in the Year of the Rat, and wishing you wealth—and a great meal!

Order from our special menu Jan. 24–Feb. 2, and you’ll receive a lucky red envelope containing a gift! While supplies last.

Tuna Poke Nachos  $11.88 
Fresh-cut marinated ahi tuna, edamame, avocado, green onion, seaweed salad and fried shallots, served with wonton and seaweed chips 

Chicken Home Style   $15.88
Boneless chicken braised with fried tofu, napa cabbage, shitake mushrooms, carrot, bamboo shoots, Shanghai cai tips, egg, sesame oil, cilantro, garlic, ginger and Shaoxing wine

Korean Kalbi Bibimbap   $18.88
Korean beef kalbi short ribs, sautéed spinach, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, over-easy egg, bean sprouts, green onion and sesame seeds, served over jasmine rice

RuYi Seafood Delight   $21.88

Jumbo scallops, jumbo tiger shrimp, calamari steak strips, Shanghai cai tips, snow peas, red bell pepper, napa cabbage, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, garlic, ginger, Shaoxing wine, Chinese Sa Cha sauce and sesame oil

Dragon Dance Performances
Saturday, January 25 at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 p.m.