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Dillon Carmichael

with Alyssia Dominguez

September 8–9

1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: FREE

with Alyssia Dominguez

Dillon Carmichael’s family musical roots run almost as deep as his voice.  His family tree includes a long line of musical talent including grandfathers on both sides, both named Harold, who played music throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. Grandpa Harold Carmichael was in a Gospel Quartet with his brothers while the late Harold Montgomery played country music at the Grand Ole Opry. Grandpa Montgomery was the first to grace the famous stage but Dillon’s uncles, John Michael and Eddie Montgomery, weren’t far behind. They carried on not only the family musical ambitions, but also their father’s dream of a successful career in the country music business.

Dillon says his own musical aspirations started around the time his father gave him a guitar for his 11th birthday.  He didn’t bother with guitar lessons but instead taught himself to play. During his teenage years Dillon formed a band with friends who competed in local talent shows.  After winning several talent competitions the band moved on to playing gigs for tips on boat docks around area lakes.

After the band broke up Dillon began dabbling in writing his own songs. He found himself playing bars around Kentucky where he met a music publisher from Nashville who was interested in working with him after he graduated high school.  In 2012 he graduated on a Thursday and was in Nashville the following Monday.  Dillon is writing with many of Nashville’s top songwriters and is currently crafting songs for his new recording project.