| Headliner

The Lunar New Year Variety Show

starring Lynda Trang Dai

Sunday, February 6 at 3 p.m. & 7 p.m.

The Northern Lights Theater 1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: $60/$55/$50

starring Lynda Trang Dai


Thuy Anh

Thuy Anh began singing and speaking on stage as a little girl. MC Thuyanh is now renowned in the Little Saigon community as the “lady with a golden voice.” She is a multitalented: radio/TV host, MC and singer. As a TV host, Thuyanh is well known for the depth of her celebrity interviews. As a concert MC, the singers always enjoy Thuy Anh as much as the audience, because of her broad knowledge of each singer’s history, habits and peculiarities. Her MC style is humorous, but respectful; elegant, yet lively. Thuyanh is always adored by the audience when she starts singing a bonus song in a show. For over 20 years, with her broad range of talents, Thuyanh has aided in the success of many events and productions.


Manh Dinh

A well-known figure to the Vietnamese folk music lovers, Manh Dinh was gifted with a soul-soothing voice. In Vietnam he received many national gold awards for his performances. Once in America, he quickly landed deals with big label companies like Asia Production to introduce his talent to the Vietnamese population abroad through many popular music CDs and DVDs, and appearances around the country. He became one of the exclusive golden voices of the company. Manh Dinh currently works with various entertainment companies to offer his wonderful voice to the Vietnamese music industry.

Lynda Trang Dai

Lynda Trang Dai has become iconic through energetic Vietnamese pop songs. Her vivid performances have been captured in countless DVDs, produced by large entertainment companies. She has appeared in many of the Paris By Night shows of Thuy Nga Productions. Lynda is noted as one of the first, more provocative Vietnamese-American performers. Her unique costumes and stage antics have earned her the title "The Vietnamese Madonna."

Kelly Che

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Kelly is a classically trained pianist and musician who first made her mark on the Los Angeles scene as a well-recognized on-air Korean media personality (TV, radio, newspaper and online). Beside singing in her own language, she also loves singing jazz. Kelly has performed weekly shows in Los Angeles, as well as special events throughout the Southland. During her musical travels, she has collaborated with the likes of John Clayton, Oscar Hernandez and David Benoit. One of her albums, 500 Years, is an interesting mix of Korean and various country’s traditional rhythm through Jazz mix.

Karen Lo

Karen Lo was born in Hong Kong, but at age nine she and her family moved to the United States. At age 11, she started doing shows at various restaurants, political events and talent shows. A few years after that, Karen was selected to go to Japan to perform in the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Karen made it onto “America's Got Talent” season two and sung her way to the semi-finals, which caught the eye of producer Ron Townsend (MTV/Viacom). In 2015, they released "The Karen Lo Project," assisted by producer Delecta Johnson aka Lujon. Karen later produced songs for Lujon, resulting in Karen landing a record deal with producer Qwes Kross of 50/50 Global EDM/BMG/Sony/Orchard. She continues to produce multiple albums and travels the country to offer her voice talent to music lovers.

Khang Ma

Khang Ma is a new and interesting discovery from Thuy Nga Entertainment’s Vstar Talent Search in 2015. He is well known for his unique “fusion” singing style, which infuses Western voice techniques into traditional Vietnamese songs. Khang Ma started to perform at just 3 years old and he has collected numerous highest singing awards in any school he’s attended. He is also an adorable figure in the community, hosting a regular radio program that encourages the young Vietnamese abroad to speak their mother tongue.


The band was “hand picked” to include immensely experienced players who have performed professionally in jazz, Latin, and pop fields. They have been touring around the country with various well-known artists, including Alex Acuna (from Weather Report), Vikki Carr, Linda Ronstadt, Ruben Blades, Chick Corea, and Herb Alpert among others.