| Headliner

Masters of Funk

starring The Bar-Kays, Con Funk Shun and The Dazz Band

Thursday, June 9 at 8 p.m.

The Northern Lights Theater 1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: $75/$70/$65

starring The Bar-Kays, Con Funk Shun and The Dazz Band


Fire, smoke, vibrant costuming and even a live, 12-foot Python snake are all just part of what’s in store for audiences these days at a typical stage performance by The Bar-Kays. Spontaneity and excitement has been a trademark of the group ever since their inception in the late ’60s. Today’s Bar-Kays have boosted their high-energy act into an even higher gear for the new millennium crowd—an energy that’s equally present on their up-coming new CD.

With a career total of 27 albums including five gold and one platinum, 40 single releases and 20 top-ten singles and albums, the Bar-Kays expect to add to those figures and expand on their legendary status. The Bar-Kay’s music has also been sampled by other artists, which ensures that the name of the Bar-Kays will live on forever.



Con Funk Shun is a star-quality attraction delivering a superb, high-energy show with electrifying choreography, glistening six-part vocal harmonies and a dash of humor. They are, unquestionably, among the heroes of funk with romantic ballads and dance-party hits galore. Memorable melodies, inventive horn arrangements and clav-guitar woven grooves, make the group absolutely essential to the evolution of funk.

They charted four consecutive gold albums and one platinum album. Their 20 hit singles include eight top-ten R&B Hits and one #1 R&B smash between ’77 and ’86. With finesse and consistency, they legitimized what came following them: high-profile, commercial explosions featuring their hits in countless rap/hip-hop samples, exposing them to a new generation, now in their thirties.



Musical trends may change and one-hit wonders may come and go, but if you’re looking for the real thing, look no further. The Dazz Band is back in action! Groove merchants, funk masters and whatever needed smooth soulful vocals of silk.  The group’s founder and producer, Bobby Harris, led the group to a decade of gold records and Grammy’s® with recognizable hits such as “Let It Whip,” “Joy Stick” and “Let it All Blow.”

The group has had a few change-ups in membership, but never lost its touch, style, grace or magnificent sounds known by millions of people as The Dazz band. As a reminder those who may have forgotten, while introducing today’s new audience to their unique brand of funking R&B, The Dazz Band presents a slamming mix of musical jams designed to dazzle the world! The spell has been cast, and once you hear the sounds and see the show, it’s guaranteed that the rhythm in your hearts and souls will not allow your body to stop its movement for one second.