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Nazareth is without a doubt is the biggest rock band to emerge from Scotland.

They were the legendary pioneers who took Scottish Rock international and paved the way for many other great Scottish bands that came later.

The original members first came together in Pete Agnew's band "The Shadettes," which he had formed with some school mates in 1961. Darrell Sweet joined in 1963, replacing the original drummer. Dan Mccafferty joined in 1965, giving the band twin lead vocals. Manny Charlton joined in 1968 replacing the original lead guitarist.

In 1969, Pete started playing bass for the first time and they were now down to the four guys, and in 1970, they changed their name to Nazareth.

It was when Nazareth toured America with Deep Purple in 1972 that the band met Roger Glover who went on to produce the breakthrough album Razamanaz, which included the hits “Broken Down Angel” and “Bad Bad Boy.”

The next album, Loud'n'Proud, featured the single “This Flight Tonight,” a song written by Canadian, Joni Mitchell. It became a massive hit throughout Europe. The song was also a huge hit in Canada, where the band became the first non-Canadian band to do a coast-to-coast Canadian tour.

Later, came Rampant and a massive tour in support of its release. Nazareth played 50 shows in nine countries throughout Europe and Scandinavia, simultaneously putting the band’s three albums (Razamanaz, Loud'n'Proud and Rampant) into the top-20.

The classic album that brought Nazareth American success and international acclaim was Hair of The Dog and its title track, popularly (though incorrectly) known as 'Sonofabitch,' due to its hook lyric. The American version of the album contained the beautiful, worldwide hit “Love Hurts,” which reached number-one in many countries.

During the Soviet years, Russians considered Nazareth one of the world's biggest bands, and on their first Russian tour in 1990 the band started out with 10 shows in Moscow's Olympic Stadium and 12 shows in St. Petersburg’s Olympic Sports Palace.

Since 1971, Nazareth has recorded 23 studio albums, earning them platinum-, gold- and silver awards worldwide; with three platinum and eight gold albums coming from Canada alone. It was and still is an incredible time for Nazareth!