| Headliner

Richie Kotzen

with Special Guest John Corabi

Thursday, August 25 at 8:00 p.m.

The Northern Lights Theater 1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: $25/$20

with Special Guest John Corabi

Richie Kotzen has always been on a clear, laser-focused mission as an artist. While he is rightfully acknowledged worldwide for being a stellar guitar player, an emotive singer and dynamic live performer, Kotzen is maintains an ever-vigilant eye on ensuring one particularly important creative arrow in his artistic quiver continues to be properly nurtured — his songwriting. 

“My whole existence has been driven by songs,” admits Kotzen. “I realized when I was very young that if I didn’t have a song to sing that was mine, I probably wouldn’t have much of a future as an artist. It’s like I get to live my dream scenario because my job is doing what I love to do - making music.”

Good songs are indeed Kotzen’s creative stock in trade, and his unparalleled vocal energy also feeds into his love of great songwriting. Kotzen cites Daryl Hall and Don Henley as two legendary songwriters from who he draws his inspiration. He manifested his inspiration uniquely when he got together with his longtime friend and confidant, Iron Maiden guitarist/backing vocalist and songwriter Adrian Smith. In March 2021, their collaboration brought forth the nine-track album Smith/Kotzen. But their 2021 journey was just getting started. Later that year, they created another masterpiece with their four-song EP, Record Store Day and followed it up with another album titled Better Days.

Kotzen is also the frontman of the three-piece band known as The Winery Dogs. As a solo artist, he has blessed the music industry with 22 albums under his own name. None of them are more personally affecting than his February 2020 three-disc retrospectacle 50 for 50, released via Kotzen’s own Headroom-Inc. label.

Since Kotzen’s planned cross-country tour to support 50 FOR 50 was unfortunately derailed due to the pandemic, he’s now set to return to the live stage in August 2022 to make up those earlier dates while playing in a number of additional venues.