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The Bellfuries

March 6 & 7

1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: FREE

The Bellfuries are an amalgamation of Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello and everything in between. Relying heavily on an Americana sensibility, The Bellfuries have a contemporary throwback sound; a sonic contradiction of sorts. But wordiness aside, it’s good. It’s really good.

Picking up where swing left off and incorporating some of the best aspects of a stand up bass, The Bellfuries create music that sounds familiar and innovative at the same time, appealing not only to indie fans, but also to lovers of classic pop music. Original songs make this original sound something The Bellfuries’ forefathers could get behind. Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis would all be very proud. They would give that blessing to twang away. Twang away indeed.