| Headliner


Wednesday, August 8 at 8 p.m.

The Northern Lights Theater 1721 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
Price: $35/$30

The wait is over! The Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, with a new band, is touring again and performing all your favorite Thompson Twins hits.

Says Bailey, "It's so good to reconnect with the audience who loved these songs the first time around, as well as with new fans of the music. That's what gets me on stage every time."

Thompson Twins songs such as “Hold Me Now,” “Doctor Doctor,” “You Take Me Up” and “Love On Your Side” provided the soundtrack for so many people’s lives in the mid-eighties. The band also enjoyed big success on the US dance chart, with “Lies,” “In the Name of Love” and “Hold Me Now” all reaching number one.

Since the Thompson Twins’ break-up in 1993, Bailey has worked in many different areas of music, from the experimental electronic Babble and Kolab to the Indo-fusion of the Holiwater Band, the visual astronomy project BSP and the sound-system dub of International Observer.

Bailey began writing contemporary songs again in 2016 and will be releasing a new album in 2018. The first track, “Come So Far,” was released as a single in June 2016 through Cooking Vinyl and all proceeds went to refugee charity Médicins Sans Frontières.

The Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey features Tom Bailey on vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica and percussion. His all-female band features Charlotte Raven on vocals and keyboards, Amanda Kramer (The Psychedelic Furs/Information Society) on vocals and keyboards and Paulina Szczepaniak on electronic drums.

The Thompson Twins’ music and videos became a fixture on eighties radio and music television throughout the world. They were the soundtrack of our lives. Now, at last, Tom Bailey is once again performing the songs that meant so much to so many.