Bounty Bonanza

Bounty Prizes Up to $250

Aug. 3–Sept. 30, 2018

Get one of the Bounty Hands playing Texas Hold ’Em and you’ll take home some extra cash. Plus, any unclaimed bounties are added to the next week’s Bounty Hand!

How to Qualify:

Play a live game of Texas Hold ’Em, get the first qualifying hand of each category.

Dates & Times:

Fridays at 5 p.m. through Sundays at 11:59 p.m., August 3–September 30, 2018

Bounty Hands & Prizes:

Aces full of 8s: $50
Aces full of 9s: $50
Aces full of 10s: $50
Aces full of Js: $50
Aces full of Qs: $50
Aces full of Ks: $50
Quad 2s: $75
Quad 3s: $75
Quad 4s: $75
Quad 5s: $75
Quad 6s: $75
Quad 7s: $75
Quad 8s: $75
Quad 9s: $75
Quad 10s: $75
Quad Js: $100
Quad Qs: $100
Quad Ks: $100
Quad As: $100
Straight Flush: $150
Royal Flush: $250

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