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Cornerstones of Rock

The Ides of March featuring Jim Peterik, The Buckinghams, The Cryan’ Shames, The New Colony Six and The Shadows of Knight

Friday, May 19 at 8 p.m.

The Ides of March featuring Jim Peterik, The Buckinghams, The Cryan’ Shames, The New Colony Six and The Shadows of Knight

The Ides of March featuring Jim Peterik

The Ides of March began in Berwyn, Illinois in 1964, as “The Shon-Dels”. Their first record Like It Or Lump It, was released on their own Epitome label in 1965. In 1966, after changing its name to The Ides Of March, the band released its first single on Parrot Records, “You Wouldn’t Listen.”

In 1968, the band added a brass section and signed with Warner Brothers Records. Then, in 1970, the band released the song that soon became Warner Brothers’ fasting selling single, “Vehicle.” The song reached the #2 spot on Billboard® and the following album, Vehicle reached #55 nationally. Throughout the early 1970s the band put out three more albums, Common BondWorld Woven and Midnight Oil.

The Ides of March went on hiatus after 1973, during which time Jim Peterik founded the band Survivor and co-wrote all its platinum hits including “The Eye Of The Tiger,” “The Search Is Over,” “High on You” and “I Can’t Hold Back.” Jim also began a career of writing collaboration, resulting in many platinum hits for other artists; most notably “Hold On Loosely,” “Rockin’ Into The Night,” “Fantasy Girl” and “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” for .38 Special, and “Heavy Metal” for Sammy Hagar.

In the 1990s The Ides of March reformed and started writing, performing and releasing new material. Since then, their momentum only increased as they performed throughout the 2000s and their original material found new audiences through popular vehicles like American Idol and a number of films. Recently reuniting with other Chicago Cornerstone bands, The Ides of March celebrates its 50-year career of rock greatness.

The Buckinghams

It’s never “a drag” when The Buckinghams come to town! Coming from the northwest side of Chicago, the band signed with Chicago’s USA Records in 1966, launching into fame with the million-selling pop chart-topper “Kind of a Drag.” After moving over to Columbia Records, the band charted with “Don’t you Care,” “Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song),” and “Susan” among others. Original founding members Carl Giammarsese and Nick Fortuna continue to deliver a powerful replay of hits and solid gold memories.

The Cryan’ Shames

“Sugar and spice and all things nice, kisses sweeter than wine” was the refrain heard throughout America in 1966 when Chicago’s own The Cryan’ Shames lit up the charts with the song “Sugar and Spice” bringing them into National prominence as one of the more versatile rock vocal groups of the late ’60s. A group of teenagers that began rehearsing and playing in the Chicago suburbs’ garages and basements in 1966, later became the first Chicago rock group to sign and record with a major, national label, Columbia.

The hauntingly beautiful compositions and intricate vocal harmonies that the Shames became so well known for, helped shape the Chicago sound. But, the real strength of the Shames was, and is, their high-energy live performances punctuated by their strong visual presence.

Now, after 42 years and more than 34 recordings, the Shames are once again joining their voices in perfect harmony to bring back those memorable high-energy performances.

The New Colony Six

The quintessential ’60s Chicago garage band, The New Colony Six was one of the few true hit makers to help launch what became the Chicago Rock Revolution. Hitting the local airwaves in November 1965, The New Colony Six charted 17 times nationally with songs like “Love You So Much,” “I Will Always Think About You,” “Things I'd Like To Say,” “Can't You See Me Cry,” “Treat Her Groovy,” “I Confess,” “Cadillac,” “Long Time to Be Alone,” “Roll On (You're Gonna Be Mine),” “Little Girl,” “I Want You to Know” and more. The Colony became famous for their ballads of true love, sorrow and joy, creating a large and enthusiast fan base near and far.

The Shadows of Knight

Who knew that those three legendary chords could create such a long, interesting history for The Shadows of Knight.

The band formed in 1964, originally as The Shadows, but soon became The Shadows of Knight with band members: Jim Sohns, Warren Rogers, Wayne Pursell, Tom Schiffour and Norm Gotsch. Right as they were hitting it big, Pursell and Gotsch left the band, recruiting Jerry McGeorge and Joe Kelley. This is the lineup that recorded the two most well-known Shadows of Knight albums, Gloria and Backdoor Men. Shortly after, David ‘Hawk’ Wolinski was recruited to play organ, and later replaced Rogers on bass after Rogers was drafted into the US Military. This lineup lasted about 18 months before Sohns fired the entire band. After four billboard-charting hits, the "classic" lineup of SOK was no more.

Sohns performed as The Shadows of Knight with many different lineups, and in 1969, the Shadows of Knight released one last million-seller, "Shake." This was with Sohns and a totally different Super K lineup.

Sohns never stopped touring as The Shadows of Knight. Then, in 2006, after 37 years of no new albums, The Shadows of Knight released A Knight to Remember to critical acclaim.

In August of 2016, the original Shadows of Knight got back together for the first time since 1967 for one last show in Arlington Heights. But the history doesn't end there.... It’s now 51 years since those early days and you can still hear the crowd scream "G L O R I A!!!!"