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Hambo & The Meemops

Saturday, October 29 at 8:30 p.m.

The dynamic duo of Tony Inzeo and Matt Schwanke lead the great Hambo and the Meemops. With over four hours of diverse material, the duo is a must-see for music lovers. Whether they’re playing country, blues, rock, or pop, they provide a show entertaining for just about everyone.

Tony Inzeo is an accomplished lead guitar player and vocalist. He’s been in several cover bands, including his role as lead guitarist in the successful Milwaukee-based tribute “The Prince Experience.” His diverse range of ability has taken him all over the United States to perform music.

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Matt Schwanke has written songs for several TV shows and films – earning him a contract with Universal Records. A few highlights are writing the end title song for a Showtime movie titled Girl on The Edge. While Matt loves songwriting, his love for performing is just as strong and passionate.