| Free Show

Hearthfire Duo

Thursday, March 17 at 8 p.m.

Hearthfire is a high-energy group that blends innovative arrangements with audacious style. Inspired by their Irish roots, they fuse rock, punk, Americana and classical elements with a bit of Gypsy soul.

From their vocal harmonies and versatile instrumentation to the precision, passion and playful spirit with which they perform, Hearthfire brings strong musicianship to the stage. As multi-instrumentalists with varied musical backgrounds and distinctive personalities, they create infectious, energy-fueled performances, and always leaves their audience asking for more.

Hearthfire has performed at the Milwaukee Irish Fest since 2015 and has also played at several other festivals in the Midwest, including Summerfest, Oshkosh Irish Fest, Janesville Irish Fest, and Cherry Valley Festival Days in Illinois. Hearthfire has just completed their second album—their music has been featured multiple times on Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, as well as on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee. A desire to share their Irish heritage is what brought Hearthfire together. Fellowship and bringing people together through music are their inspiration. Loyalty, passion, and sharing life are what Hearthfire is about, and they do it in a raucously fun way.