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Thursday, February 21 at 8 p.m.


“Lay down your funky weapon, come join us on the floor. Making love and music’s the only things worth fighting 4. We r the New Power Generation….”  -Prince 

In 1990, when the legendary Prince first brought the original members together to form the New Power Generation (NPG), he wrote in the official press release that his new band was his "best band ever,” and that this new band took him down a new path—one that was soulful, electrifying and funky! Years of touring, recording, rehearsing, playing and performing with Prince helped shape those alumni of the New Power Generation into ‘the funkiest band in the land.”

Prince was a consummate live performer, and his concerts with the NPG were legendary for the tight arrangements, stellar sound and electrifying pace. The NPG continue to play as if their famous boss was front and center with a non-stop musical kaleidoscope of the most iconic chart-topping hits from all eras of Prince's career. 

Classic NPG songs like "Diamonds and Pearls," "Gett Off," "Cream," "7," and "Sexy MF," are intermingled with songs from throughout Prince's illustrious four-decade-long career like "1999," "Let's Go Crazy," "Pop Life," "Sign O’ The Times," "Purple Rain," "U Got The Look," and "Kiss."  All Prince music is performed by the very musicians who played, toured, recorded and wrote with him for years.

The reunion of most original members of the New Power Generation (NPG) was born out of the official Prince Tribute concert in October, 2016. The longest-running member of the NPG and Prince's longtime Musical Director, keyboardist Morris Hayes, brought the original band members back together to serve as the house band for the epic musical celebration. The response to the band’s performance was so overwhelmingly positive that the NPG decided to bring a scaled-down version of the musical tribute to other cities around the world. Soon after, the band, along with other world-class musicians, singers and artists, presented their own tribute to their legendary mentor and brother, Prince.