About Potawatomi

The Largest Entertainment Destination In The Midwest

Potawatomi Casino Hotel is owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi Community. The business provides a way for the Forest County Potawatomi to pull themselves out of poverty and improve the lives of others.

Different than other businesses, the gaming and hospitality revenues generated here have always served a greater purpose of preserving heritage, tradition, and providing vital services. This unique purpose is captured in the mission of Potawatomi Casino Hotel: Entertain our guests and create opportunity for our tribe, team members and community.

When the business first opened, it was small, but as it grew, so did its ability to open new doors for people. In 1991, the Forest County Potawatomi opened a 45,800-square foot bingo hall in Milwaukee, making it the first off-reservation gaming operation in the country. By taking on new challenges and growing the business through thoughtful planning, the Tribe has seized an opportunity that has now flourished for more than three decades.

Over time, the property has grown physically and matured into an entertainment destination, a respected business and a major community-supporting resource. Physically, Potawatomi Casino Hotel has implemented many major expansions: one in 2000, another in 2008, the addition of a 19-story hotel in 2014, and most recently, a $190-million complete renovation of the casino's first and second level, adding new restaurants, a one-of-a-kind sportsbook and more. Today, Potawatomi Casino Hotel attracts millions of visitors annually, making it one of the largest entertainment destinations in the Midwest.

Along the way, this growth has translated into expanded entertainment offerings, greater community engagement and more opportunities for team members.

Creating community opportunities is demonstrated in many tangible ways. From employing nearly 2,500 people, to charitable contributions through the Heart of Canal Street program which helps local children’s non-profit organizations—real, positive impacts created by the business can be seen both inside and outside of the property.

Another major priority, and an example of the business living its mission, is Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s clear commitment to diversity. Over 70 percent of its team members are people of color and women. That diversity is even mirrored at the executive leadership level.

Constant innovation, a dedication to guest service and organizational citizenship are distinguishing characteristics that make Potawatomi Casino Hotel attractive to both guests and its many valued team members.

Potawatomi Casino Hotel is more than facts on a page. It's proud to keep alive the spirit of a family business and the drive to always be better.