Guide to Eating at Potawatomi During Lent

         On February 14, while many people will be expressing their love for those dear to them, others will be starting another historic tradition known as Lent. It is primarily a Catholic tradition that takes place for 40 days; starting on Ash Wednesday and ending on Holy Thursday. During this time, people throughout the world partake in practices to prepare for Holy Week. The main practices, often called the Three Pillars of Lent, include prayer, almsgiving, and fasting.

            Fasting is the most apparent part of Lent. It involves abstaining from our typical daily luxuries, but there is an emphasis on foods and drinks. People trade out their generous eating habits to more modest portions. Specific foods and drinks are cut out including things like pork, sugar, eggs, dairy, and hard liquor. Also, it is widely established that during Lent people are not supposed to eat any meat on Fridays, but are allowed to consume fish as a substitution.

            With such specific restrictions, it can be hard to decide what to eat. This could mean trouble for our foodies that love to come to one of their favorite restaurants here at Potawatomi, right? Nope! There are so many alternatives at nearly every restaurant that can cater to your specific fasting restrictions. From Fish Fridays to everyday menu items, this blog will cover some alternatives for common food-based fasting restrictions.

Fish Fry.png


Fish Frydays

            Fish Fridays are common during this time of the year. Luckily, we have a variety of restaurants that will give you your fix of fish when the weekend is approaching. Here are some fish fry specials for you to enjoy starting February 14 and will occur every following Friday until March 29:

Burger Co. : Fish Sandwich $12

Rock & Brews: Beer-Battered Fish & Chips $14.95

Canal Street Café: Wisconsin Fish Fry $16

Street Eatz: Wisconsin Fish Fry $16

RuYi: Fried Walleye $18

Dream Dance Steakhouse: Porcini-dusted Halibut $35




Canal Street Café

CaesarSalad(Getty Image).jpg 

Our American home-style staple of a restaurant is never short of menu items to choose from. While many breakfast and lunch items here commonly contain beef, eggs, and dairy, there are still many options for you to enjoy during Lent. Meatless menu items include the daily soup for only $4, the garden salad for $7, and the Caesar salad for $9. If you are still in the mood for sea food when it’s not Friday, you can always try the roasted salmon which features mashed potatoes and the daily soup all for the price of $26. These alternative options would be sure to serve your appetite while maintaining your fast during Lent.


Cream City Coffee Co.

            There’s no better way to start your day than by hitting up the café. What if you’re fasting from caffeine though, maybe even a ham and cheese sandwich? Don’t worry, you can still stop by and enjoy a meal during Lent! If you’d still like to feel the warmth of a nice beverage, Cream City offers hot chocolate for $3 regular and $4 large-sized drinks. If you’re in a mood to have a morning meal with no meat for only $7, you won’t regret trying the Caprese ciabatta sandwich; an Italian classic containing tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil. Other meatless alternatives include a savory spinach artichoke brioche tart for $5 and a cremini mushroom and roasted shallot quiche at only $6. These meatless alternatives are also fairly healthy alternatives, as many are packed with flavorful vegetables that you’ll be sure to enjoy on your fasting journey.   



            Potawatomi Marketplace is the one-stop spot for whatever you have an appetite for. This includes appropriate menu items during Lent. If you’re in the mood for a light meal, Burger Co. offers Wisconsin cheese curds. For your meatless pizza options, Pizza Project offers the delectable Four Cheese and Vegetarian pizza each for $12. You want tacos? Taco Spot offers Street Tacos which includes three tacos with a choice of refried beans and cheddar jack cheese for only $9. Don’t count out the Marketplace while fasting.


Rock & Brews


Rock & Brews is one of the newer additions to the various food options here at Potawatomi Casino | Hotel. This rock star of a restaurant has come prepared with a lineup for everyone to enjoy, including those who are participating in Lent this year. You can never go wrong with a classic meatless option, the cheese “Anyway You Want It” pizza, for $9.95. If you’re still in the mood for pizza but you’re chasing a different flavor, try out the Margheritaville pizza for only $12.95. Rock & Brews also has a nice selection of VIP salads including the Rockin’ House salad for $11.95. Additional meatless options include the Giant Soft Bavarian Pretzel for $10.25 and Hand-Hacked Guac and Chips for $8.95. If you’re in the mood for sea food, Rock & Brews also carries a star studded list of headliners including the Blackened South Atlantic Fresh Salmon and Shrimp Linguine each for $19.95. These options will make sure that you don’t stop rockin’ during the Lenten season.



Shrimp Bowl.jpg

If you’re craving some good authentic Asian food, RuYi is the place to go. There are so many options based on whatever you’re abstaining from. If you’re fasting from meat altogether, edamame serves as a nice alternative that is also light on the appetite for $7. The miso shiru, a delectable white miso soup containing tofu, wakame, and scallions, is another great option for only $6. Additional meatless options at RuYi include the wakame salad for $7, wok-fried vegetables for $16, and tuna tartare if you’d like a spicy kick for $15. RuYi also carries a large variety of seafood options including fresh spring rolls for $9, sea food ceviche for $17, and shrimp pho for $21 as well as many others. Don’t miss out on the variety that RuYi has to offer throughout Lent.


Street Eatz


Street Eatz may initially seem off the table during Lent, but there are still meals that are worth enjoying that won’t break your fast. If you’re giving up meat, but don’t mind dairy, the elote at Street Eatz is worth trying. This flavorful Mexican staple contains sweet corn, lime aioli, Cortija cheese, cilantro, and cumin for only $3. Another option worth trying is the green chile queso and crispy tortilla chips at $4. Additional alternatives include fry bread for $3 and dessert fry bread for $4. So before you may start to worry, you can enjoy the taste of a good street meal while maintaining your fast.

            During Lent, it is important to stay committed to your fast. These alternative menu options merely prove that you can stick to your fast without having to avoid some of your favorite restaurants here at Potawatomi altogether. Whether this allows you to expand your horizons into the broader world of food that we have to offer, or you merely wish to cut back on your food portions by way of finding alternatives, we have it covered! 


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Please inform us if you have a food allergy. Menu items prepared in our kitchen may contain, or come in contact with, common food allergens.