A Happy Ending Afterall — Milwaukee Wedding Story

It was mid-July and Jeni S. and her fiancé Tim B. were happily checking tasks off the to-do list for their wedding. They had just mailed out their invitations and felt a tremendous amount of relief as their guests started to receive them. Just a few days later Jeni’s spirit was dampened when she found out that her wedding venue had closed its doors—forever.


Panic Sets In

“I felt panic. I had five weeks until my wedding, around 250 people invited, and nowhere to put them,” said Jeni.  “I was pretty sure we were going to end up in a world of debt because finding a last-minute venue was surely going to cost us an arm and a leg.”

That night, Kaelyn Cervero, the sales and catering manager at Potawatomi Bingo Casino saw Jeni on the local news telling her story.

“We are just so grateful and blessed that Potawatomi Bingo Casino stepped up and offered to help us. Our wedding day was so much better than we ever could have even dreamed because of your team.”

– Jeni and Tim B.

“My heart went out to her, and I knew we had to do something to help this bride. Working in this industry, I understand how stressful wedding planning can be, but I also know what an exhilarating experience it is to see all your plans come together on your wedding day, and I didn’t want her to walk away from her experience feeling cheated,” said Cervero. 

A Welcomed Phone Call

The next morning, as Jeni and Tim were considering cancelling their wedding and booking a flight to Las Vegas, they received a phone call from Cervero offering to help. When Jeni and Tim came in to tour the venue, they were impressed by the beautiful expo center and were in disbelief that the Sales & Catering team was able to custom design a package that fit into their budget.

I was blown away and pretty sure there would be some sort of catch. When I saw the contract, I knew then and there that this was our venue,” Jeni said.

Planning a Stunning Wedding Reception

Working closely with Dell Mercado, event sales specialist at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, to pull together the details of her wedding, Jeni felt an immediate sense of relief, saying, “Honestly, it didn’t even feel like work. The staff literally did everything, and they made sure that all requests that I did have happened without so much as a second glance.” 

When Jeni and Tim arrived at the Casino on their wedding day they were led into a candle-lit reception, illuminated with their accent colors and highlighted with their monogram at the head of the room. Tears came to Jeni’s eyes as she took it all in.

“The venue was stunning. There are no other words for it. Everything was absolutely amazing and it was the first time I teared up all day.”

Working Hard to Exceed All Expectations

When looking back at her wedding, the thing that shined above everything else was the high level of guest service that Jeni and her guests experienced.

“Anytime I had a question or a request, it was answered or fulfilled almost before the words were out of my mouth,” Jeni said. “The space is gorgeous, but the royal treatment we received was what took this experience from excellent to unbelievably outstanding.”

Guest service is at the center of every experience at Potawatomi Bingo Casino. The Sales & Catering team pride themselves on building great relationships with clients and creating unforgettable events that bring each vision to life. 

“We are humbled each time a client chooses to share their special day with us at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, and we work hard to make sure we exceed all expectations. Especially in this case, there is no better feeling than knowing that we could help create a magical day for a well-deserving couple,” said Cervero. 

As Jeni and Tim begin their lives together as newlyweds, they’re filled with the happy memories created with their friends and family on their wedding day.