Bachelor Party Ideas in Milwaukee

It was just a matter of time before your best buddy decided to get married. You were probably there when he met his fiancée. You might have even introduced them! But even you knew the Sunday afternoon football parties wouldn’t last forever. You knew he wouldn’t be available for concerts or happy hour beers much more now that he has been getting more serious with his significant other, even if she did say she was okay with it. They set a date and you have been bestowed the honor of being the best man…

You can think about how much you will have to spend on a tuxedo rental, the toast you’ll have to deliver or the possibly painful dance you’ll have to smile through with the maid of honor, or you could always look for the silver lining to this scenario: the bachelor party.

The Planning

The bachelor party is a tradition that goes as far back as all our ancestors care to remember. The tradition of celebrating your best buddy’s “last night of freedom� is not only necessary, but it’s also crucial for the gathering of friends from far and wide. You know your duties as a best man. You embrace them. And since your friends now have families, homes, pets and responsibilities, you can’t take them away too far. You feverishly watch Tom Hanks in “Bachelor Party,� Bradley Cooper and company in “The Hangover� movies and everything in between. But Las Vegas, Thailand or anything else is out of the question. You must make Milwaukee your bachelor party playground. Where do you start? Potawatomi, of course. 

His "Last Meal"

You’re older. Wiser. You can afford a nice meal. But why make a production of it? Stay loose. Set your destination in Milwaukee to Potawatomi, which has six dining options for you and your friends so you don’t all have to have the same thing. After all, it’ll be pale in comparison to the stories you’ll all tell about the groom.

Keep the Party Going

Keeping in the spirit of variety, after everyone’s bellies are full, the party disperses as different teams are almost dispatched to various tables to try their luck on Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Slots. The men are in their element; laughing, gaming and drinking, constantly toasting the soon-to-be groom, all imposing their knowledge onto him. But that’s not all the Casino has to offer. As the best man, you rally your troops and let them all know there’s a show starting at The Fire Pit’s side bar. After moving everyone to the side bar, you enjoy the band up close, but after they finish you have to make the hard decision: head to the hotel or keep the party going? Ah, decisions…