The Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe: Nearly 3 in 4 Americans Drink Bloody Marys

Brunch is a beloved weekend tradition for many Americans, and one of the most popular drinks is the Bloody Mary. This classic cocktail is known for its spicy kick and unique combination of flavors, but what makes it so appealing to brunch-goers? 

To better understand this phenomenon, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans 21 and up on their preferences, habits, and attitudes toward Bloody Marys. From the ingredients they prefer to the amount of money they are willing to spend, here’s all you need to know about the state of Bloody Marys in the U.S. Once that gets you nice and thirsty, check out our handy list of top restaurants in Milwaukee to enjoy an out-of-this-world Bloody Mary!


Bloody Mary Preferences by Generations

Bloody Mary preferences by Generation | New study at

Bloody Marys are definitely brunch staples: 73% of Americans enjoy drinking Bloody Marys, with the highest preference among Boomers (88%) and Gen X (77%). It seems that Bloody Marys taste better with age: Millennials (70%) and Gen Z (57%) are less likely to enjoy the cocktail. 

If given the choice, younger generations prefer mimosas, with 51% of Gen X, 61% of Millennials, and 68% of Gen Z indicating a preference for the bubbly cocktail. In contrast, 66% of Boomers still prefer Bloody Marys over mimosas. Men seem to also prefer Bloody Marys across generations: 1 in 2 men prefer Bloody Marys to mimosas compared to 2 in 5 women. 

Preference is one thing, but what about knowledge? 2 in 3 Americans know how to make the cocktail, and for 66% of respondents, the most important part of a Bloody Mary is the mixer, followed by alcohol (24%) and garnish (10%). While 39% of Americans make Bloody Marys at home, 65% prefer to have them made in restaurants. It seems achieving the Bloody Mary is a bit too complicated to reliably do with the home bar!/p>


America’s Favorite Bloody Mary Recipe

Top ingredients in a Bloody Mary by Survey | New study at

We surveyed Americans on what goes into the Bloody Mary of their dreams, and here’s the recipe: Vodka is the nation’s liquor of choice, with tomato juice as the primary mixer, and a combination of Worcestershire, hot sauce, lemon juice, horseradish, and pickle juice to add to the mixer recipe. For garnishes, celery stalks are the most popular, followed by pickles, stuffed olives, bacon, shrimp cocktail, and a rim of salt or celery salt. 

Interestingly, most Americans did not select some of the more extravagant toppings like cheeseburgers or jalapeño poppers. For those looking to live largely, bars like Sobelman’s or our own Canal Street Cafe offer Bloody Marys that are anything but simple– perhaps a visit is in order! 


Top Reasons Americans Enjoy a Bloody Mary

Top reasons Americans enjoy Bloody Marys | New study at

Bloody Marys are a staple for many Americans: 1 in 10 drink Bloody Marys monthly. The top reasons Americans drink them include the flavor (60%), followed by the fun of drinking them (37%), the garnishes (25%), and their status as a favorite brunch drink (14%). Other reasons included their visual appeal (13%), the fact that they provide a serving of vegetables (13%), and their perceived ability to beat hangovers (12%). 

Some like to chase their Bloody Marys with something a little bit simpler: 19% of Americans like to have a beer chaser with their Bloody Mary, especially in the Midwest: Wisconsinites (43%) and Minnesotans (43%) lead the pack, followed by 24% of Michiganders and 21% of Illinois residents. 

All this fun at what cost? Americans spend an average of $11 per drink on their Bloody Marys.


How Americans Brunch

American Brunch preferences | New study at

Brunch is a cultural touchpoint in America for a reason: 87% of Americans enjoy brunch. The meal is a particular passion for the young, with 89% of Gen Z and Millennials enjoying brunch, and Gen X (83%) and Boomers (84%) are more skeptical about brunch. On gender lines, women have a higher preference for brunch than men, with 93% enjoying it compared to 82% of men.

On average, Americans spend $22 on drinks when going out for brunch, with 43% opting for "bottomless" drinks.

What about those legendary brunch lines? When it comes to wait times, Americans are willing to wait an average of 23 minutes for brunch, with 1 in 3 Gen Z and 1 in 4 Millennials willing to wait 30 minutes. Good thing a Bloody Mary awaits them when they finally do sit down!


Top Restaurants in Milwaukee Serving Bloody Mary Bliss

After learning what America wants in its Bloody Marys you might be a little thirsty. Have no fear: Milwaukee offers a HUGE variety of Bloody Mary experiences for everyone: here are the top five places in Milwaukee to enjoy a quality Bloody Mary:

  1. Sobelman’s Pub & Grill - 1900 W St Paul Ave

    Sobelman’s is world famous for its garnishes: a whole fried chicken or a cheeseburger! These Bloody Marys are an experience AND a beverage.

  2. Mad Rooster Cafe - 4401 W Greenfield Ave

    Mad Rooster Cafe, a popular breakfast destination, features garnishes of deviled eggs and inverted Smirnoff nips.

  3. Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern - 234 E Vine St.

    These Bloody Marys are simple but effective and a nice accompaniment to standout breakfast food.

  4. Swingin’ Door Exchange - 219 E Michigan St.

    With olive-garnished Bloody Marys and beer chasers, this brunch spot serves up delicious food in a classic Wisconsin bar ambiance.

  5. Canal Street Cafe, Potawatomi Casino - 1721 W Canal St.

    Come to Potawatomi’s own Canal Street Cafe for the ULTIMATE Totally Loaded Bloody Mary experience. Offering five different bloodies including one featuring chicken and waffles, what more can you ask?



We surveyed over 1,000 Americans in April 2023 about their preferences around Bloody Marys and brunch. Respondents were 49% women, 50% men, and 1% nonbinary; ages ranged from 21 to 83 with an average age of 41.

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