Price is Right® & Wheel of Fortune® Slot Machines

What is everyone’s favorite game show? The Price is Right®, of course. And we’re bringing it to you in megatower slot machine form. This $1 slot machine has everything it needs in order to recreate the fun of America’s longest running game show. Drew Carey will be your host and George Gray will be the voice you hear telling you to come on down!

When you get three spin symbols, and you likely will as this machine is designed to hit the bonus frequently, then you’ll be entered into the Showcase Showdown bonus where you get to spin the iconic big wheel from the show. You’ll even be given a power meter that allows you to control how fast you spin the wheel, just as you would in the actual live game.

When you spin, you have several credit values and standalone jackpots you can possibly land on. The three jackpots (Major, Grand, or Showcase Jackpot) can be won at any level, but the odds improve, the more you increase your wager.

And fear not, this is a machine you can truly relax at. Not only is the seating super comfortable, there are also USB ports to keep your phone charged for your next adventure.

Will you come on down?

Wheel of Fortune® Slot Machines

While the Price is Right® Megatower slot machines are new to floor, we love games based on game shows and provide you with plenty of options when it comes to our Wheel of Fortune slot machines. We currently have thirteen different varieties of Wheel of Fortune slot machines on the floor, including:

  1. Wheel of Fortune® – Ca$sh Link Exoctic Far East
  2. Wheel of Fortune® – Ca$h Link Latin Getaways
  3. Wheel of Fortune® 4D More Money
  4. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Double Diamond
  5. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Red Hot 777 Gold Spin
  6. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Stars Gold
  7. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Red White & Blue
  8. Wheel of Fortune® – 2x 3x 4x Super Times Pay
  9. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Gold Gold Spin
  10. Wheel of Fortune® – Double 3x 4x 5x Times Pay Gold
  11. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Double Diamond
  12. Wheel of Fortune® – Triple Red White & Blue
  13. Wheel of Fortune® Double Diamond 2

Have you had a chance to play them all yet? We imagine most haven’t.

If you’re having trouble picking one out to play, then we’d have to recommend our newest, Wheel of Fortune® 4D More Money. This interactive game is the closest recreation of the real Wheel of Fortune® game in slots form. Not only do you have Vanna White leading you through the game, but 4D technology allows you to interact with the game without ever touching a screen.

Simply wave in front of you to spin the wheel and watch as the entire bank of top screens light up. Everyone playing the game will get to see your wheel spin and you may find your neighbors cheering you on, just as they might in the real Wheel of Fortune game.

With so many game show options, which game will you play? Let us know on Facebook!