These 4 Must-Have Items at RuYi Transformed My Taste Buds


January 17, 2023

There’s an authentic Asian restaurant located inside Potawatomi Casino Hotel that’s worth the stop—grab a bite to eat, game and enjoy free entertainment in one place. As soon as you enter the casino from the skywalk, you are unmistakably greeted with the exquisite scent of authentic Asian comfort foods.

Appease your appetite by heading to one of the city’s favorite Asian restaurants, RuYi. With a menu loaded with authentic Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, RuYi ensure guests aren’t short of delicious dishes. We are excited to reveal the must-have menu items at Ruyi Asian Authentic Restaurant.

1.     Crab Rangoon Appetizer $8

The Crab Rangoon appetizer at RuYi is handcrafted with love! These tiny pockets of cream cheese, imitation crab meat and scallions, all wrapped in a crispy and flaky wonton shell, are the best way to start your dinner at RuYi. Paired with the hot and delightful crab rangoon is a side of duck sauce highlighted by notes of orange and apricot. This appetizer is available for dine-in and take-out. 

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Crab Rangoons.jpg


2.     Spicy Beef Salad $13

RuYi features high-quality authentic Asian dishes that will entrance your taste buds. Ordering a salad at an Asian restaurant may seem like the last thing to do. However, the Spicy Beef Salad is different from an ordinary salad. This exquisite dish is filled with a variety of textures, spices, flavors and aromas. In the Spicy Beef Salad, you will find perfectly seasoned flank steak alongside fresh vegetables such as: romaine lettuce, field greens, cucumber, tomato, carrot, red bell pepper, red onion, green onion and cilantro. The perfectly seasoned steak and crisp vegetables are met with the crunch of crushed peanuts and drizzled with a Thai chili vinaigrette.

All the vegetables are freshly prepared and the flank steak is marinated hours before hitting the grill. To top off the dish (literally) is the phenomenal Thai chili vinaigrette. It is tangy with a little bit of sweetness, spice and salt. Are you ready to dig in? This fan-favorite is available for dine-in and take-out.

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3.     Orange Beef $15

Each bite you take of this decadent dish is of deep-fried tempura-battered beef, coated with dried red chili peppers, ginger, garlic and scallion-infused sauce. This mouthwatering journey could easily be yours.  Just follow the aromas of RuYi upon entering the Casino. If you’ve grown up eating orange chicken, it may seem strange to think of selecting orange beef as a dish of choice. However, the chefs at RuYi elevate their orange beef dish by cooking it with complex flavors and high-quality meat. Paired with the orange beef, enjoy fluffy jasmine rice cooked to perfection.

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4.     Lobster Fried Rice $16

This dish is a family favorite that leaves no leftovers. RuYi fries their jasmine rice to perfection with egg, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, red onion, green onion and bean sprouts. When you think it couldn’t get any better, they top it with fried lobster tails—golden brown and tender while holding onto their light buttery sweet flavor. Did I mention that they’re oh-so-delicious? This complex and compelling protein enhances the fried rice and makes it hard to put down your fork. Visit us and dine in to enjoy this authentic dish.

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