Find Out How Much Bingo Has Paid Out

Below is a list of all the current jackpots and amounts that could be won on your next trip to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

Daily Jackpots

Pick 8 in 20 numbers or less


Bonanza in 50 numbers or less


G-Ball Jackpot



Breakfast HotBall


Weekday Matinee HotBall


Evening HotBall


M-Thurs Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! (Night Owl) HotBall


Weekend (Night Owl) HotBall


Weekend Matinee Saturday HotBall


Sunday's Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! HotBall


Breakfast Bingo

Pick Yur Platter


Weekday Matinee

Matinee Letter Z in 27 numbers or less


Matinee Sputnik in 31 numbers or less


Matinee Cloverleaf in 35 numbers or less


Now That's Bingo

Evening Potawatomi P in 35 numbers or less


Evening Cloverleaf in 25 numbers or less


Evening Filled in Diamond in 31 numbers or less


Evening Super Jackpot in 45 numbers or less


Who's Your Buddy?

Coverall in 50 numbers or less


Break the Bank

Super Jackpot: A must go prize!


Bonanza: A must go prize!


Potawatomi P: A must go prize


Cloverleaf: A must go prize!


Pick 8: A must go prize!


Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

Pick 7 in 15 numbers or less


Glow Party

Must go Coverall