How Do You Play Spanish 21?

A variation of blackjack where 10s are removed from the deck

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Spanish 21 is a variation of blackjack. The primary difference is that the 10s are removed from the deck.

A player's blackjack always beats the dealer's and pays three to two. A player's total of 21 always beats the dealer's total of 21.

Playing Spanish 21

Players can split cards of equal value—including Aces—to create up to four hands. Hitting and doubling of split cards, including Aces, is allowed.

Players can double down with two or more cards on any total (including after splitting, but excluding blackjacks). However, there aren't any bonuses on doubled hands.

After doubling, if a player is not satisfied with his non-busted hand, the player can take back the double down portion of the bet. The dealer takes the original wager and the hand is over. This is considered a "Double Down Rescue."

Bonus 21 Payoffs

Five-card 21 3 to 2
Six-card 21 2 to 1
Seven or more card 21 3 to 1
6-7-8 mixed suits 3 to 2
6-7-8 suited 2 to 1
6-7-8 spaded 3 to 1
7-7-7 mixed suits 3 to 2
7-7-7 suited 2 to 1
7-7-7 spaded 3 to 1

The “Super Bonus” occurs when the player has a suited 7-7-7 and the dealer has a 7 face up. The player wins $1,000 and all other betting players get an “Envy Bonus” of $50. No side bet is required, however splitting and doubling void the opportunity for a “Super Bonus.”

Five Big Payoffs

In addition to the regular 21 bet, a player can bet that either or both of his first two cards will exactly match the dealer's up card in rank. (For example: a four matches a four, a jack matches only a jack, a queen matches only a queen, etc.)

The player makes a Match the Dealer wager by placing a bet in the Match the Dealer bet circle. In order to play Match the Dealer, the player must make a regular 21 bet.

Minimum bet is $1; the house sets the maximum. Players will win every 6.5 hands on average.

Big Five Payoffs

1 non-suited match pays 4 to 1
2 non-suited matches pays 8 to 1
1 suited match pays 9 to 1
1 non-suited & 1 suited match pays 13 to 1
2 suited matches pays 18 to 1