Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the name of the new players club?
Potawatomi Rewards! We’re saying farewell to The Fire Keeper’s Club and The Northwoods Club.

Will my old player's card still work?
Your current card will continue to work for a limited time. We ask that you stop by any Potawatomi Rewards desk to pick up a new card at your earliest convenience.

Why did you make this change?
For the first time ever, your Potawatomi Rewards membership will grant you benefits and tier points at both our Milwaukee AND Carter location.

Will I earn points at both properties?
Yes! You will be able to earn points at both our Milwaukee and Carter properties, and points earned at each property will show in a single balance in your account.

What about points I already have in my point balance?
Your current points will be increased to match the new redemption value of 1,000 points to $1.

What are tier points?
Tier points are the base points you’ve always earned. You do NOT earn tier points while participating in special invite-only events, or point multipliers. Tier points are non-redeemable points earned only while playing slots, table games, and bingo. 

What are points?
Points are earned by gaming with your player’s card and can be used and redeemed for slot play and dining. You will continue to earn these points, and will earn more points through multiplier point promotions.

What’s different about how points are redeemed?
Whether used for Reward Play or in our dining and retail locations, points will be redeemed at a rate of 1,000 points to $1. 

How will tier status work at each property?
Tier points earned at each property will count toward the same status between both properties. You’ll be able to earn status and enjoy your tier benefits at both locations. Plus, level up even faster by earning 5X tier points at Potawatomi Carter Casino, every day. This means that you can upgrade your tier faster by playing at Potawatomi Carter Casino. And then, come to Milwaukee and enjoy the same benefits.

Are benefits the same at the Milwaukee and Carter casinos?
Both properties have universal benefits. These benefits are offered at both locations. In addition, we’ll also have unique property benefits that highlight the best of each location.

Speaking of benefits, what else do I get when I level up to a higher tier?
Not only will it unlock benefits universally at both Milwaukee and Carter, you can also earn points (not tier points) faster the more you level up your card.

What’s different about tier levels and tier-level evaluation periods?
All of our tier levels are changing:
SPARK        No minimum qualifications
EMBER        25,000 tier points
IGNITE        75,000 tier points
BLAZE        200,000 tier points
FLAME        By invitation only

We have also changed the tier-status evaluation period to six months: January 1–June 30 and July 1–December 31. 

Can I earn tier points from Poker or Sportsbook?
Sorry, points earned in Poker do not count toward tier status. Points for Sportsbook are coming soon; stay tuned!

Which tier levels have access to the 1833 Club in Milwaukee?
Access to the 1833 Club is limited to the Blaze and Flame levels. Other guests may receive invitations based on their rated play.

What else is new to Potawatomi Rewards?

  • Partner benefits based on rated play, such as complimentary cruise offers and discounts with other partners
  • Earn points from Sportsbook in Milwaukee—coming soon!
  • Return of complimentary valet parking (based on tier status, some restrictions apply)
  • Additional milestone rewards and valuable offers and benefits based on tier level and rated play
  • More announcements coming soon!