Meet the Commission

The Gaming Commission is an independent body responsible for the regulation of the Tribe’s gaming.  Separated completely from the Tribe’s role as owner and operator of tribal gaming operations, the Gaming Commission’s purpose is regulatory – not managerial. Additionally, the Gaming Commission ensures compliance with applicable Tribal, Federal and State laws as party to the State-Tribal Compact.

Gaming Commissioners

  • Marc Young – Chairman
  • Oliver Shawano – Vice Chairman
  • Carlton Stealer – Secretary
  • Thomasina Ramos – Commissioner
  • Ira Frank - Commissioner 

Administration Specialists

  • Milwaukee Office / 414-837-3783
  • Carter Office / 715-478-4443

Gaming Commission Leadership

  • Jason Nichols, Executive Director
  • Louis Arroyo, Investigations Manager
  • Joshua Hammersley, Surveillance Manager
  • James Schreiber, Project Manager
  • Christina Vallejo, Regulatory Compliance Manager

The Forest County Gaming Commission (hereafter “Commission”) is an independent tribal gaming regulatory body that regulates all gaming enterprises owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi Community (hereafter “Tribe”).  The Commission was established in accordance with the Tribe’s Gaming Control Ordinances and federal law, and is responsible for ensuring the Tribe’s gaming operations comply with applicable federal, state, local and tribal laws and regulations. The Commissions sole purpose is regulatory and the Commission is separate from the Tribe’s role as owner and operator of gaming operations.  Self-regulator of gaming is essential for the protection of fair gaming, tribal assets and resources and the general safety and welfare of the public.

The Commission develops policies, guidelines and regulations (hereafter “Regulations”) for the Tribe’s gaming operations in accordance with the applicable federal, state, local and tribal laws and regulations.  Such regulations include but are not limited to the Tribal Minimum Internal Control Standards & Resolutions.  The Commission is responsible for issuing gaming licenses, both occupational and vendor, for those who apply to work for and work with the gaming enterprise and/or the Commission. The Commission also monitors the Tribe’s gaming operations to ensure compliance with the Commissions regulations.

The Commission fulfills its duties through its staff in four departments:

  • Regulatory Compliance Department includes Compliance and Internal Audit Divisions
  • Investigations Department includes Investigative Services and Licensing Divisions
  • Surveillance and Technical Department includes Surveillance and Technical Divisions

While the Commission Departments’ business hours are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, a number of Commission staff are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In addition to its duties as an independent tribal gaming regulatory body, the Commission also strives to be a leader in the gaming industry.  The Commission and its members are active participants in the National Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators Association and the Wisconsin Gaming Regulators Association.